Saturday, January 28, 2012

Long Ireland Breakfast Stout

This smooth stout boasts outrageous roast malts hinting of bakers chocolate, and most importantly coffee. Kenyan coffee is combined with flaked oats and milk sugar to give this beer it's unique early morning coffee with cream taste.  It's surprisingly light bodied with a fair amount of carbonation giving it a light airy and dry mouth feel. Depending on the pour you can expect one to two fingers worth of tan head that dissipates over a few minutes but jumps right back to life with a swirl of the pint.  At only 3.5 ABV and it's light body, this stout is a perfect winter session beer.

3.5 ABV
30 IBU's
$6.50 on draft $3.25 on Tuesdays

It's official. Thanks to the guys down at  Long Ireland Brewing Company , we no longer need to feel guilty about having a pint with our eggs and bacon. 

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