Friday, February 17, 2012

21st Amendment's CAN do attitude

Canned beer tends to have a pretty uncouth connotation to it. It immediately invokes memories of the cheapest beers we've consumed in the infancy of our beer drinking lives. 21st Amendment shatters the mold with their amazing canned beers. Their philosophy is rooted in their San Francisco home. They believe that craft beer CAN be canned, keeping the beer fresher and helping the environment in the process.

They have certainly done what they set out to with Brew Free Or DIE! IPA, and Back In Black, Black IPA.

Brew Free or DIE! is an amazing west coast IPA that packs a ton of punch, but like Soda Popinski, has great balance. Pouring a deep golden copper color with a nice thick head, the aroma of citrus is evident right off the bat.   As expecting from the smell, this brew has a great citrus, particularly grapefruit, with some pine and a wonderful sweet malty balance. A perfect example of West Coast IPA's. 

7.0 ABV
70 IBU's 

Black IPA's are becoming very popular recently. A dark malty beer that's outrageously hopped seems to appeal to something in everyone, and rightfully so.  This pours very dark with a great tan head. The citrusy hops and chocolaty malts work wonderfully together. The sweet hops and dry malts give this beer it's character. This beer has been living in my fridge for almost two months now and I doubt it'll be replaced any time soon.

6.8 ABV
65 IBU's

Don't be afraid of cans! If these are able to break the stereotype then I highly recommend the Bengali Tiger from Six Point. (review coming shortly) 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Organic Beer

We're proud to announce we now carry two fully organic beers. Best of all, they don't taste like grass or smell like patchouli!

The first is Peak Organic's Nut Brown Ale.  It's a very light English style brown ale with a great mahogany color.  The lacing is an off-white, eggshell color that sticks around for a while.  A nutty, bready, slight roasted malt aroma hits the nose and is followed by a very clean, crisp, and finely carbonated beverage.  This beers light and nutty flavor would make it a good pairing for our Cheese Platter, or one of our cream based soups.

 4.7 ABV
21 IBU's

The Second organic brew we've introduced is Wyld by Uinta.  This Extra Pale Ale pours a gorgeous golden color with white lacing that thins out but sticks with all it's might to the glass.  It's an incredibly refreshing beer, very crisp, with a light mouth feel due to a good amount of carbonation. I instantly wanted to be gardening on on the beach with this beer. Perfect for a session ale. The hops don't overwhelm and in doing so, allow for the citrus to come out and onto the pallet.  I would try this beer with our Moul Frites, Tavern Burger, or Salmon if we're offering it for our fish of the day.

4.0 ABV
29 IBU's

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

100 Members!

Thank you everyone who's shown interest and told their friends. We're really excited about the evolution of the Secret Beer Society and it's upcoming events. We can't wait to share some more brews with you and your friends.

Thank you again for all of your support and interest in what we have to offer!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hitachino Red Rice Ale

Hitachino Nest is brewed by Japan's best craft brewery, The Kiuchi Brewery. For 170 years they dedicated themselves to brewing the finest Sake possible with only the best ingredients and masterful craftsmanship. In 1996 they started brewing beer and the amazing Hitachino Nest series was born. Since it's inception the line of brews has won many gold medals in world beer competitions. In the past ten years they have branched out even further to start producing Shochu and also purchased four thousand acres near the brewing facility to produce of all things, Merlot and Chardonnay. 

Today we're taking a look at their Red Rice Wine Ale, one of my favorite beers. This brew is by no means a session beer but is so interesting and unique that it deserves to be imbibed on any occasion.

The beer pours a beautiful hazy golden pink color with a thick creamy head that is tinted pink and peach. The smell is immediatly reminiscent of that light sweet medicinal flavor that defines sake.  There's also some rice, light malts, strawberry, and very light herbs and spices. The mouth feel is incredibly smooth and a perfect balance is achieved between the malts and rice with the rice flavors rightfully taking the foreground position.  Much like sake the finish is dry with a slight bite but not at all overly bitter.  

This would go perfectly with the Tavern's Moul Frites, Arctic Char, or the Fish Special du jour. 
7.0 ABV
26 IBU's 
$20 750ml Bottle