Friday, February 17, 2012

21st Amendment's CAN do attitude

Canned beer tends to have a pretty uncouth connotation to it. It immediately invokes memories of the cheapest beers we've consumed in the infancy of our beer drinking lives. 21st Amendment shatters the mold with their amazing canned beers. Their philosophy is rooted in their San Francisco home. They believe that craft beer CAN be canned, keeping the beer fresher and helping the environment in the process.

They have certainly done what they set out to with Brew Free Or DIE! IPA, and Back In Black, Black IPA.

Brew Free or DIE! is an amazing west coast IPA that packs a ton of punch, but like Soda Popinski, has great balance. Pouring a deep golden copper color with a nice thick head, the aroma of citrus is evident right off the bat.   As expecting from the smell, this brew has a great citrus, particularly grapefruit, with some pine and a wonderful sweet malty balance. A perfect example of West Coast IPA's. 

7.0 ABV
70 IBU's 

Black IPA's are becoming very popular recently. A dark malty beer that's outrageously hopped seems to appeal to something in everyone, and rightfully so.  This pours very dark with a great tan head. The citrusy hops and chocolaty malts work wonderfully together. The sweet hops and dry malts give this beer it's character. This beer has been living in my fridge for almost two months now and I doubt it'll be replaced any time soon.

6.8 ABV
65 IBU's

Don't be afraid of cans! If these are able to break the stereotype then I highly recommend the Bengali Tiger from Six Point. (review coming shortly) 

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