Thursday, February 9, 2012

Organic Beer

We're proud to announce we now carry two fully organic beers. Best of all, they don't taste like grass or smell like patchouli!

The first is Peak Organic's Nut Brown Ale.  It's a very light English style brown ale with a great mahogany color.  The lacing is an off-white, eggshell color that sticks around for a while.  A nutty, bready, slight roasted malt aroma hits the nose and is followed by a very clean, crisp, and finely carbonated beverage.  This beers light and nutty flavor would make it a good pairing for our Cheese Platter, or one of our cream based soups.

 4.7 ABV
21 IBU's

The Second organic brew we've introduced is Wyld by Uinta.  This Extra Pale Ale pours a gorgeous golden color with white lacing that thins out but sticks with all it's might to the glass.  It's an incredibly refreshing beer, very crisp, with a light mouth feel due to a good amount of carbonation. I instantly wanted to be gardening on on the beach with this beer. Perfect for a session ale. The hops don't overwhelm and in doing so, allow for the citrus to come out and onto the pallet.  I would try this beer with our Moul Frites, Tavern Burger, or Salmon if we're offering it for our fish of the day.

4.0 ABV
29 IBU's

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